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Model X

A red Tesla car

Imagine yourself driving a spaceship… the Model X is the most spacious of all the Tesla models. The bold cranberry multi coat red finish stands out of the pack along with a plush all white premium interior with walnut decor finds you a soothing relaxing cabin. The seating is for 7  with two captain chairs in the second row making the space open as well functional. Book now to experience a quick, luxurious step into the future. Featuring the unique falcon wing doors, which all open and close at the push of a button. Once you’ve driven this car, you will never want to go back to a gasoline car ever again: stopping for gas is a thing of the past in this all-electric vehicle. With superchargers and destination chargers all over the country, you will never have to worry. If you are thinking of buying a Tesla, or are looking for a memorable experience on a special occasion, or just want to cruise around in style, look no further! You will have a great time in this Model X!

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